Van der Valk Hotel Veenendaal gets a flying start on Het Vizier Business Park


Nick Timmers - General Manager Van der Valk Hotel Veenendaal

Nick Timmers

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Various experts talk about building, sustainably and doing business at Het Vizier Business Park in Veenendaal.


Part 6: Nick Timmers, General Manager of Van der Valk Hotel Veenendaal.



You’ll find Van der Valk Hotel Veenendaal at Het Vizier Business Park on the A12. It’s one of the newest and most modern Van der Valk hotels in the Netherlands. Van der Valk opened this ultra-energy-efficient hotel in December 2014. The focus is, besides sustainability, on the guests, who are and remain Van der Valk’s most important concern.

“Veenendaal was a logical choice”

The Van der Valk group setsVan der Valk Veenendaal hotel a number of conditions on the choice of a location. Their hotels must always be within sight of the motorway, and directly at an exit.


Nick Timmers explains. ‘When we were looking for a location between Bunnik and Arnhem, Veenendaal was a logical choice. This spot at Het Vizier ticks all the boxes. We’re now seeing that having an intercity train station nearby is also a huge plus for business guests.


It’s really the perfect spot for us here, right at the top of the Het Vizier Business Park site.


So, how’s business? ‘We’re beating all our expectations,’ says Timmers. ‘Both in terms of room occupancy and meeting room bookings. And we’ve also noticed that the hotel’s draw for conferences and corporate receptions is only increasing.’


LED lighting, triple glazing, and CHP system

Timmers tells us that from the beginning the focus in the design of the hotel was on saving energy. ‘In the shape and design of the hotel, we were primarily concerned with the local authorities’ visual quality plan. The design of the building itself was not a part of the sustainability programme, but in it we were primarily concerned with how we wanted to use the hotel.’


Van der Valk Veenendaal bad

‘The hotel has a combined heat and power system to turn equipment heat into energy,’ Timmers continues. ‘Think of all the heat that comes from devices like ovens and dishwashers. Plus the hotel also has triple glazing, extra insulation and low-energy LED lights everywhere.’


And what about the guests’ heating and water consumption? ‘The heating is connected to our reservation system, so whenever guest rooms or meeting rooms are not being used, the heating is off. We also use special water-saving filters in the bathrooms that keep good water pressure while reducing consumption.


Green Key sets the sustainability bar extra high

The hotel & catering industry has its own ‘green’ certification known as Green Key. It’s given in bronze, silver and gold. ‘Green Key is very comprehensive and sets extremely high standards on everyday operations,’ says Timmers. ‘But we are ambitious! We went for gold right off the bat. You can hardly aim for less with such a modern and efficiently designed hotel. And yes, we were awarded gold last June. An achievement we are very proud of!’


Van der Valk Hotel Veenendaal prefers to source its food from local suppliers. ‘We buy much of our cheese, bread and meat locally,’ says Timmers. ‘Like our veal, which comes from Ecofields. We always go with seasonal fish, which helps to preserve fish stocks. And we don’t use any disposable plates or trays at the buffets anymore.’


“We want to be the best in the Netherlands’

Van der Valk Veenendaal entree

At Van der Valk, it’s all about the guest. The Veenendaal hotel proves that sustainability and hospitality can go hand in hand.


Timmers: ‘We are always striving to improve our hospitality. And we measure this in a number of ways, like by collecting all the reviews of the hotel that appear on the internet. Right now we’re at a customer satisfaction score of 9.0. That’s very, very high. But we need to be there if we want this modern hotel to be among the best in the Netherlands.’


Praise for Veenendaal

Timmers finishes our interview by expressing his enthusiasm for Veenendaal. It is not just the location, but also the interaction with the local authorities that sparks this feeling.


Timmers: ‘It’s just a great location. Centrally located in the Netherlands, but without all the traffic. And the Randstad is really close. Veenendaal is also extremely well-organised for businesses. The permitting procedures go very fast, there are park managers for the site and we have security and CCTV monitoring. It’s really nice to not have to worry about any of that so you can just get on with running your business.’


About Van der Valk Hotel Veenendaal

Van der Valk Veenendaal vergaderzaalVan der Valk Hotel Veenendaal is one of the 96 Van der Valk hotels in the Netherlands, with the recognisable toucan on its roof. The hotel opened its doors in December 2014. It has 150 guest rooms and 15 conference and meeting rooms. Its multi-storey parking facility offers 350 parking spaces. There are also four charging points for electric cars.


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