Meeting Point

under development

The beating heart of Het Vizier

Flexiworking, relaxing and networking in one place. Together with A12 architectuur bna, Het Vizier is developing plans for a Meeting Point.

The Meeting Point offers all the facilities entrepreneurs could wish for when it comes to combining work and play. Both for businesses which need flexible workplaces and those which are already situated at Het Vizier and need additional space or want to take advantage of a communal meeting place.

Schetsontwerp Meeting Point op Het Vizier, Veenendaal.

Visual impression Meeting Point on Het Vizier, Veenendaal.

Flexiworking in the heart of the Netherlands
The easy accessibility, via the A12 motorway and by public transport, makes Het Vizier an ideal flexiwork or meeting location. Entrepreneurs and flexiworkers will be able to rent or book space in the Meeting Point.

The Meeting Point offers you:

  • Flexible workstations: in total, approximately 1,095m2 gross floor area is available for flexible work stations. Can be rented or booked by the square metre.
  • Conference and training spaces: spaces of various dimensions equipped with all the necessary facilities. Suitable for business meetings, training courses and conferences.
  • Hospitality services: the design offers space for a restaurant and a ‘lunch corner’.
  • Leisure facilities: a number of sports halls and a state-of-the-art fitness studio.
  • Crèche: for children of employees and guests.

Features Meeting Point:

  • Total functional areas and traffic areas: approximately 2,770m2 gross floor area.
  • Total parking space: approximately 1,075m2 gross floor area.
  • Playful, distinctive architecture which supports the various functions of the project.
  • Architecture and concept in accordance with the Active Building Concept.
  • Perfect accessibility via the A12 motorway and by public transport.
  • Ample parking.
  • Optic-fibre Internet access.
  • Land ready for construction.

Want to know more about doing business on Business Park Het Vizier?
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