De Jagers

Invest smart in an office villa of your own

De Jagers concept comprises six stylish semi-detached villas, each with their own entrance and parking. The spacious layout of De Jagers means each villa benefits from its own unique look and optimum visibility. In addition, an office villa at Het Vizier represents a smart investment in your pension provision and in your future.

Beeldimpressie De 6 Jagers op Het Vizier, Veenendaal.

Visual impression De Jagers on Het Vizier, Veenendaal.

The preliminary design envisages distinctive office villas with clean, modern lines. The spacious layout offers plenty of space for trees and greenery between the villas.

Features De Jagers:

  • Stylish architecture, with six semi-detached villas.
  • Plots 5 and 6 at Het Vizier Business Park.
  • Total area of plot 5: 2,212m2 with 8,651m2 gross floor area.
  • Total area of plot 6: 2,212m2 with 8,651m2 gross floor area.
  • Office villa dimensions: approximately 700 – 1,000m2 gross floor area.
  • Land price: €350 per m2 gross floor area.
  • Perfect investment as a pension provision.
  • Own entrance.
  • On-site parking.
  • Building permits for these plots allow for the highest level of green construction.
  • Architecture and concept in accordance with the Active Building Concept.
  • Possibility of subsidies for green and sustainable construction.

General information Businesspark Het Vizier:

  • Fibre-optic Internet access.
  • Ample parking.
  • Park management.
  • Land ready for construction.
  • Land use plan has been approved.
  • Optimum visibility from the A12 motorway.

The greenest way to build, anywhere
De Jagers is being built according to the principles of Active Building. This approach offers features such as thermal energy storage, all-natural air ventilation, sedum roofing and solar panels. The office villas generate their own energy and even feed surplus energy back into the grid.

Because of this, entrepreneurs achieve massive savings on their energy bills and running costs. The plots of De Jagers have building permits which allow for the highest level of green construction. You can make use of a range of subsidies for green construction.

Your ideas are welcome!
De Jagers is a concept under development. This gives you the opportunity to add your own ideas and requirements. We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you. Contact Joop Camminga on +31887070260 or fill in the contact form.